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We're so excited to welcome Kirsten Johnstone from Assemblage on Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June. Kirsten will be taking three fantastic workshops: the first and second for knitters who want to explore new techniques for starting and finishing their projects, and the third a full day workshop exploring top down knitting and seamless construction using Kirsten's Raiun cardigan pattern as a base. Kirsten will also be in store for a Trunk Show on Friday night for you to come and say hi!, try on a range of her stunning designs and enjoy champage and nibbles! Kirsten is releasing a fabulous hat pattern she's designed exclusively for Skein Sisters on the night.

Kirsten Johnstone | Assemblage

When you think of elegant, sophisticated and modern knitwear designs, Australian designer Kirsten Johnstone leaps to mind. Her designs are adored worldwide as much for their sublime silhouettes as the delight in their construction.

Kirsten loves to explore her modern aesthetic across a range of design disciplines whilst practising as an Architect and knitwear designer. She has an eye for flattering forms that are deceptively simple with a stunning attention to detail. Her garments have a distinctive urban edge yet remain elegantly timeless. Is it any wonder her design skills are in high demand.

She self-publishes her sophisticated knitwear designs predominantly for women under the Assemblage label. She has designed knitwear for numerous international companies, including Amirisu (Japan), Blue Sky Alpacas (USA), Brooklyn Tweed (USA), Quince + Co (USA) and Shibui Knits (USA).

Kirsten lives in Melbourne with her gorgeous family and loves coffee, modern architecture, natural fibers, the Australian landscape, travelling and salted caramel gelato. And knitting. Always knitting. It's no wonder we love her.

We're thrilled to welcome Kirsten to Skein Sisters for a fun (long) weekend of workshops and trunk show. From Friday 22 June through to Sunday 24 June you're bound to find a class that will add new skills to your knitting knowledge. Join us Friday evening from 6.30pm for a chance to meet and chat with Kirsten, try on some of her amazing designs all whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly! For details and to book, see below.

You can find Kirsten:

WEB: kirstenjohnstone.com

INSTAGRAM: @kirstenjohnstone_com

RAVELRY: assemblage + Kirsten Johnstone Designs



Join us on the weekend of 27-29 July for a trunk show and workshops with Clare Devine from Knit Share Love. Clare will be taking three fabulous workshops: the first is for all of you who have ever wondered what all the fuss about hand knitted socks is about and who want to knit your first pair, the second will cover the process of conceptualising and designing your own socks, and in the third Clare will walk you through the steps needed to knit your own shawl using her design Farlam Shawl. Join us for a trunk show on Friday evening with fellow knitters champage and nibbles. Clare will have loads of samples for you to try on!

Clare Devine from Knit Share Love

Clare discovered her passion for knitting as she wandered along the trails of the Bibbulmun track in Western Australia back in 2011. Since then, wherever she’s wandered she’s taken her yarn and a pair of pointy sticks with her. Originally from South Africa, Clare was born with a wandering spirit and has spent most of her adult life on the move. After immersing herself in the wonderful Scottish knitting scene she started moving south, first to near London and then on to Melbourne, Australia – her new home.

She is passionate about creating beautiful designs that inspire knitters to try new techniques and expand their knitting repertoire. Clare has shared her love of knitting, through workshops in Scotland, England and Australia. She believes there is something uniquely wonderful about a group of knitters coming together to develop new skills and share their passion for fibre craft.

When she is not knitting Clare can be found, fulfilling her two other creative passions, writing about knitting or taking photographs of knitting. You can find her at www.knitsharelove.com.



Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

Nathan Taylor, (aka Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) is obsessed with double-knitting! He has been knitting seriously since 2011, and designing since around the same time. His passion is for sharing his knowledge of DK with as many people as possible, pushing the boundaries, and furthering what is possible within the realms of this addictive and beautiful technique.

His first published design was in Knit Now! Magazine, and in 2015, he was approached by Vogue Knitting Magazine in the USA to design a DK Shawl for their Fall 2015 issue. That design has recently been included in the book Vogue Knitting: Shawls and Wraps 2. He was especially proud in 2016 to be able to contribute a design to the very first issue of the new knitting magazine for men, Rib Magazine. The start of 2017 saw him being contacted by The Knitter Magazine to design a DK/brioche hybrid hat for them, which has been followed by three thematically linked sock designs for the same publication.

Nathan hosts a very popular knitting podcast on YouTube, and particularly champions male knitters, with a view to getting not only more men into knitting, but also getting more patterns aimed at men out there. His YouTube channel also has myriad tutorials for the many and varied techniques involved in knitting his patterns, and Nathan is dedicated to making these tutorials as friendly, and as easy to understand as possible. As a result of his work in these fields, in June 2017, Nathan was named as Knit Now Magazine’s Knitter of the Year, in the Online Innovator category.

He has been teaching double-knitting classes since 2014, and enjoys nothing so much as seeing that light-bulb moment, when someone’s brain clicks, and he knows that a new DKer has been born.

Taking a class with Nathan is not the same as sitting at home watching one of his tutorials. He has a boundless enthusiasm for the subject, and limitless patience with the process. His knowledge and understanding of the subject far exceeds what can be put into a short video, and he knows that every knitter is different, and everyone needs different things in order to be able to pick something up effectively. Understanding this is the key to good teaching, and Nathan has spent a lifetime studying human nature in his other life as a West End actor, so adapting his teaching methods to the individual knitter in front of him comes easily. Be it clear and succinct description and explanation, or where appropriate and comfortable, hands-on demonstrations, Nathan gives the kind of teaching that just can’t be found anywhere else, and he makes each knitter feel like they are being taught in a one-to-one session, regardless of the size of the class.

Throughout 2017, Nathan taught DK classes at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Birmingham’s Yarningham Show, Perth Festival of Yarn in Scotland, Nottingham Yarn Expo, Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Show in New York, and many other places.

We're so excited to be welcoming Nathan to Skein Sisters for a series of fabulous workshops.

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  • Clare Devine

    Knit / Crochet night with Clare Devine FREE!


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  • lanson by clare devine

    Knitting Socks for Beginners Workshop with Clare Devine


  • polka by clare devine

    Design Your Own Socks Workshop with Clare Devine


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  • Farlam Shawl Workshop with Clare Devine

    Farlam Shawl Workshop with Clare Devine

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    Boys Only - a knit night with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

  • An Evening with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

    An Evening with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

  • Demystifing Double Knitting with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

    Demystifing Double Knitting with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)


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  • Shaping: The Future of Double Knitting with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

    Shaping: The Future of Double Knitting with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)


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  • Strantasia with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)

    Strantasia with Nathan Taylor (Sockmatician)


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