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24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co

We are delighted to welcome 24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co to our Sisters Spotlight for April 2018. Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains NSW in a village called Lawson, Imogen Worden is a knitter, indie dyer and knitwear designer who lives and breathes wool - she wears wool, dreams about wool and if she could eat wool she probably would!

Imogen was taught to knit as a child but picked it up again while commuting 3 hours to Sydney for work. She wanted to make use of those travel hours so picked knitting. Feeling full of new beginnings, she got herself a copy of Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

As a maker, Imogen was used to dipping her toe into other arts and crafts (tatting, crochet, patchwork, soft toys, dressmaking, lino cut/silkscreen/etching, jewellery, cheese making - the list goes on and on). So she thought she might add another and purchased 10 blank skeins of wool with the thought that dyeing looked like a bit of fun. Too soon her 10 skeins turned into a LOT more. With no intention of knitting all of the yarn she produced, she decided to sell some and The 24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co was born. Why that name? Prior to the mid-1800s Lawson, one of the first settlements in the Blue Mountains, was called 24 Mile Hollow.

Imogen dyes mostly with no plan whatsoever! She really loves playing with colour and likes to see what happens (usually a lot of pink - she really likes pink!). Sometimes she takes notes but sometimes not. Colour inspiration and yarn names come from the 80s. She's also a lot nerdy, food gets a feature every now and again, sometimes nature or architecture inspires her, and she's quite fond of puns.

Apart from dyeing, designing and knitting, Imogen is on a journey to process a bale of wool with a local woolgrower from the Mudgee Region to turn this one bale into squishy, ethical, traceable yarn. It's an epic adventure - one hundred kilos of wool - fleece to skein.

We're so excited to be able to share with you Imogen's gorgeous yarns. All 24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co yarns are dyed using low impact acid dyes and the immersion method. Yarn bases are sourced from Nundle Woollen Mill in Australia and Skeinz Mill (Design Spun) in New Zealand, as well as Adagio Mills, Millpost Merino, Bellevue Park and White Gum Wool.

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