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Blacker Yarns

Blacker Yarns was launched in 2008 by The Natural Fibre Company, a specialist wool mill at Launceston on the Cornwall-Devon border of the UK. Owner, Cornish-born Sue Blacker, moved the company from Lampeter in Wales to Cornwall in 2005 signalling the start of a minor revolution. With a keen interest in specific breeds, including rare and unusual breeds, Sue and her family are passionate about supporting local UK farmers. In 2007 they introduced worsted spinning, and in the summer of 2008 added a dye plant. The dye plant produces the palettes for their ranges of Blacker Yarns, carefully creating shades designed to tone with the natural fibre colours. Blacker's beautiful yarns are thoughtfully produced in a sustainable fashion that supports local farmers, heritage breeds and is kind to the earth. And they are a dream to knit and crochet.

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  • tamar 4ply

    Blacker Tamar sock 4ply


    Out of stock

  • samite

    Blacker Yarns Samite


  • ladock woods

    Blacker Yarns Hebridean Mohair 4ply


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  • Lyonesse DK

    Blacker Lyonesse DK 8ply


  • lyonesse sock 4ply

    Blacker Lyonesse sock 4ply


  • Blacker Classic yarn

    Blacker Classic Aran 10ply


  • swan DK

    Blacker Swan DK 8ply


  • swan

    Blacker Swan sock 4ply


  • west country tweed

    Blacker Westcountry Tweed DK 8ply


  • tamar DK

    Blacker Tamar DK 8ply


  • brushwork

    Blacker Yarns Brushwork


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