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olann [uh - lan]

Olann was born out of a desire to create a range of sophisticated colours on ethically sourced yarns. The process of producing quality hand dyed yarns is never rushed, but rather slowly developed to be highly desirable, inspiring and harmonious. Doing things the proper way.

The Olann story began with a yearning to create with one's hands, using experimental dye techniques and traditional materials, to return to a more sustainable time when quality and craftsmanship were valued over the mass produced. Olann are makers and designers. In their small workshop in Ireland they dye yarn in small batches, the emphasis on material and process. Knowing and caring where the materials come from is the bones of their business.

Olann's yarns come from little farms in South America that guarantee fair and humane treatment to their herds of sheep. They pre-wash their yarns to remove lanolin and any dust that may have been caught during the spinning stage. When the undyed hanks are delivered they are carefully stored, in dry conditions and away from light. Olann only dye in small batches, thus ensuring each skein gets the full care and attention it deserves.  Non toxic acid dyes are used and a food grade citric acid is the setting agent. All the dye is exhausted from the dye pots so there is zero nasty stuff being poured into drains. Citric acid also loses its potency as it helps the dye absorb into the fibres. Rest assured, Olann are environmentally friendly.

After the dye process is completed, the freshly dyed yarn takes a long nice soak in gentle wool wash to ensure all that citric acid water is scrupulously rinsed from the yarn. The yarn is now super clean and super soft and is ready for your crafty hands.

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