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Wollmeise Yarn

Claudia Höll-Wellmann founded the company "Rohrspatz & Wollmeise in 2002. Always on the lookout for the right materials, patterns and, above all, colours for her knitting designs, Claudia quickly came up against the limits of the colour palettes customary in the trade at the time, so she started to hand dye her own wool - and a new world opened up. When playing with colours she believes the possibilities are endless and she hopes to discover a lot of new and exciting things in her work. She lets herself be guided by nature, by things that meet her or by her moods: spice market, storm sky, velvety blue-purple of violets...

Materials are chosen very critically with the need to deliver the best possible goods so that all Rohrspatz & Wollmeise knitting and crochet yarns are produced to a very high quality standard.

A true "yarnista's" yarn, Wollmeise Yarn is coveted the world over as a beautiful, hand dyed German woollen yarn. Wollmeise Yarn is superb to work with, soft and comfortable to wear and doesn't easily pill.

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  • petit poison nr.5

    Wollmeise Lacegarn


  • okzident

    Wollmeise Pure


  • pitahaya

    Wollmeise Twin


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  • haman

    Wollmeise Blend


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  • rubin

    Wollmeise DK


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